Sunday, April 03, 2005

Eternal rest grant unto him

Pope John Paul II returned to the Lord this afternoon. I really miss him. I sang, as usual with the guitar group at the 7:00 Mass tonight and every time his name came up I started to cry a little.

The worst part was when we prayed the Eucharistic Prayer, and for the first time I can remember in my life, we did not pray for Pope John Paul II right before we prayed for our archbishop. The priest said simply, "we pray for our Archbishop, John Joseph." His name has been deleted from the Mass.

I came home from Mass and cried on my husband's shoulder. I wish JP2 was still with us here on earth. But it occured to me as I dried my tears that he can do so much more for our Church now that he is with Jesus and Our Blessed Mother than he could have done on earth. He is now in heaven to intecede for us.

I am about to go to sleep, but before I do, I will ask Karol Wojtyla to pray for me and for my family, but especially for the 18 month old boy alseep in the next room, whom we named for our hero.

It's time for night-nights John Paul.

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