Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I guess I asked for it

Yesterday, after an extremely trying first 10 minutes home from school in which there were two bathroom accidents with the boys, one major (can we say "regression?") and one not so bad, I got a few seconds alone and prayed, "Lord, take my frustrations and unite them with your suffering on the cross for the salvation of souls."

Well, if I thought those first ten minutes were bad, they were nothing compared to the next 2 hours. He must really have wanted to save some souls because there was the usual homework frustration, then there was the near fistfight over a game of Cariboo while mommy tried to make dinner then Primo's half hour long temper tantrum because I dared to cut up his linguine!!!!! in which there was pillow throwing (AT me, not BY me), slamming of doors and threats to run away.

When the dust settled, they were sent to bed after dinner and Primo has no TV for a week and no homecoming game at the school where daddy works. Of course, they pick the night when Daddy stayed late at work to play racquetball.

I wish I could say I remained saintly and composed.

So, be careful what you ask God to take. He might just give you the chance to give it to Him.

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