Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Where in the world have I been?

Well, since Penni asked, I have just been crazy busy with my life and haven't had the time to post. I'll recap:

1. Hard drive on the PC at work fried, so no ability to post from there. Still waiting for the software to installed by our Network admin. He's a volunteer who gives a ton of his time to the parish, so I am a little loath to complain. Still, we've had a new hard drive on the PC for 3 weks now...

2. My grandmother had a very successful knee surgery and my mom went to Philly to help her out for a week after the surgery. This might not sound so bad, but you must keep in mind that my mother does a lot for us here at the homestead. During the week, she does laundry for us. watches the kids and cooks our meals, making her indispenable. When she goes away in the summer, it's OK since my work schedule isn't too crazy, but to have her away when we're in the middle of the CCD year, and just before Christmas, well, I am so happy my mommy came home. I was pretty much a wreck when we picked her up. Taking the children to the office with you is no fun-for them or you.

3. Did I mention that I didn't have any shoppping started until December 16? And we had to attend Primo's Christmas concert at school and I had to throw a Christmas party for the CCD teachers?

4. La Bebe is sleeping in our room-the room with the computer. No blogging for me while she's sleeping. No chance for me to blog till she's sleeping. Catch-22.

I wish this catch-up post were as interesting as Tom's. I haven't been at a monastery, though I think I could use a retreat.

Hope you all are doing well. Tell us in the comments. Happy Feast of St. John the Apostle. Hope to post again sooner than last time.

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