Friday, March 23, 2007

"The Truth"

This is a horribly overdue review of a fantastic DVD. And I'm not just saying that the DVD is fantastic because the review is so very late.

The Reason for Our Hope Foundation ( was established by Fr. Larry Richards as a way for the Gospel Message to go all around the world. I was sent a DVD of his talk called "The Truth." With humor, real talk, and personal stories, Fr. Larry clues us into the truth about why God created us.

So, why did God create us? Go back to your Baltimore Catechism, people: "God made us so that we may know Him, Love Him, and serve Him in this world so that we may be with Him in the next." That first question and answer from the Baltimore catechism is the basis of Fr. Larry's talk.

How well do you know Jesus, Fr. Larry asks. Are you going through the motions or do you have a real relationship with Him? Is your prayer life more "Shut up, God, I'm talking,' or is it "Speak Lord, I'm listening?"

Fr. Larry then asks us, "Do you let God Love you?" Are you afraid to let God love you as extravagantly as He wants to love you? Are you ready and willing to share His Love with others by loving them?

Finally, Fr. Larry asks if you are willing to submit your will to the Master's Divine Will. Are you willing to put God in charge of your time (Built-in prayer time), your family (praying together daily), your money (tithing, anyone?), and your s*x life (Written that way to keep this page from turning up on impure Google searches)? God wants what you are most unwilling to give up. What are you unwilling to hand over to God?

This DVD is billed on The Reason for Our Hope website as a DVD that can change your life. I think it can. Fr. Larry tells you these things you've thought about and turns it around so that you recognize them as the most elementary concepts and think, "Why haven't I been doing this all along?" Having the DVD around is good because when you feel yourself starting to fall, you can pop it back in the player and get a pep talk from Fr. Larry again. I highly recommend "The Truth."

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Aimee said...

Fr. Larry is TERRIFIC, and I highly recommend any of his talks. I had the blessing of seeing him at a parish mission and it was a wonderful experience. He has some cds that are also great: The Mass Explained and Confession. You can get them at his website or at (they're FREE!) You can't beat Fr. Larry.