Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pardon the interruption

Sorry the Divine Mercy Novena posts stoppped suddenly. I had emergency gallbladder surgery yesterday and I'm home now. Let the novena continue!


~m2~ said...

(((amy))) are you okay?
need anything?

i am off tomorrow - just say the word and i'll be there in a flash!!

(i am so not kidding)

Amy Giglio said...

You're so sweet! Actually, My DH is off this week and so are the kids from school, so if it was going to happen, this was a good week for it. The pain isn't too bad now (percocet helps) and I'm able to do the steps pretty well.

Apparently, gallstones are pretty common when you're pregnant and mine just happened to get impacted 7 months postpatrum. Now I never have to worry baout gallstones again (since I have no gall bladder!). Surgery went well (I heart laproscopy) and I can still eat anything i want!

Pen, you're pretty awesome. Email coming soon.

Barb, sfo said...

Must NOT have been a fun Easter for you.
I hope you are able to get your rest--will be praying for your SPEEDY recovery.

Amy Giglio said...

Thanks Barb! I can use all the prayers anyone wants to send my way. The attack didn't actually happen until Easter Monday, so Easter Sunday was actually very enjoyable.

Thanks so much to all my friends who are thinking of me. :)

Mark Mossa, SJ said...

Oh my!

Get well soon!


Aimee said...

Holy Moly, Ame!! I know exactly what you are dealing with - and now we can be gallbladder-less together!! (I, too, heart lap cholesystectomies - to get all medical and stuff :)
I will call you and if you don't feel up to this weekend, don't sweat it (although I'll miss you)
I'll talk to you soon.
Love, love, love my gurl . . .

Kate P said...

Whoa, I'm just catching up with this, Amy. (My younger sis had the same thing--not caused by pregnancy--when she was a senior in college. Not fun!) Glad you're o.k. and Happy Easter.

Amy Giglio said...

Thanks Aim, Mark, and Kate. I'm feeling better all the time and I'll probably be back at work on MOnday. I'm grateful for all of your prayers and support. God love you!

Aimee, I am totally not missing Saturday!!!!