Monday, May 28, 2007

I Love Trash!

OK, so the last few days here in Jersey have been warm. Really warm. We've been living with the AC on, and not just 'cause it's hot!

No, people, we're lliving with the AC on because the neighbor next door, whose house is about 10 feet from mine, left for Poland and didn't put his trash out to the curb before he went. And his tenant who lives on the second floor can't be bothered to take his own trash to the curb.

Honestly, it's like living next to a landfill. Flies and all! And i am mad. Mad enough to call the police. Maybe they can get in touch with my neighbor's soon-to-be ex and make her take the garbage down. The guy upstairs is her tenant too.

Scott has already taken it to the curb (pickup is tomorrow), so now the odor is only coming in the front of the house.

I love city living.

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