Thursday, August 23, 2007

I Rock? No, you rock and you know that! -Chick Hicks

I'd like to thank Jesus, the academy, Homefront Corp., and of course my best girl, Aimee, who gave me this wonderful award. And where would I be without my DH, who tolerates my internet usage only because he's on as often as me since we got the wireless network. I promise to post more often. I think I can guarantee three posts a week. At least until CCD starts.
And now, some more girls who rock:
Penni at Martha, Martha rocks! She's soulful and generous and has been known to quote David Bowie in her posts.
Barb at SFO Mom rocks! I haven't known a Franciscan with this much soul since Fr. Stan! She plays the guitar and sings at Mass, she's an awesome mom, and makes great pierogies.
Karen at Gem of the Ocean rocks! I just "met" Karen from San Diego. Her dry wit keeps her blog posts super funny and she loves musical theatre. What's not to love?


Aimee said...

Just giving credit where credit is due ;)

See you soon!

~m2~ said...

i agree with aimee.....and i so don't feel like i have been "rockin'" lately, more like "curled up in fetal position..."

but thank you, dear one. i'll call you this weekend.