Monday, September 03, 2007

Buon Compleano, Bambina!

My little girl turned one last week, on August 30. She's the first Giglio girl in over 80 years and she's just delightful.

She's dainty and princesslike at times. She likes to wear her black patent leather Mary Janes (and got SO mad at me when I took them off her today!) and when she picks things up, she does it with just her index finger and thumb.

Then, she turns around, screams, and tackles her older brother.

She learned to walk recently and she only stops to sit down to eat and to go to sleep.

She's delightful and dramatic. She's a charming tomboy. And she's our Bambina. Mommy is sorry this post got up late, baby. I love you.


Aimee said...

Happy Birthday, you Titian-haired darling :)

~m2~ said...


pics on entropy, please?

Amy Giglio said...

Pen, ahem, when are we going to get together so you can meet the crazy lil redhead in person? ;)

Seriously though I need to update that site