Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's true.

Me: Hey, Primo, I had a very vivid dream about the Jonas Brothers last night.  Do you think that makes me weird?
P: Yeah.  Really, really weird. 

I am just going to take this opportunity to say that I don't know why I was dreaming about the Jonas Brothers.  I don't listen to their music.  My kids don't listen to them.  And Scott is a Led Zep kind of guy; he doesn't know who the Jonas Brothers are.  They were talking about them on the radio the other day.  Apparently, they have a 7 year old brother whose name is Frankie who is referred to as "The Bonus Jonas," which I find to be very funny.  

But in my dream the Jonas Brothers (not the bonus one) all had superpowers (flying, super strength) and they were falsely accused of a murder and imprisoned in a mall.  Then they escaped back to their hotel and....they just sat around eating and playing video games.  There was discussion about them going home, but they didn't want to get caught by the police.  Then Bubba started jumping on me and I had to wake up. Maybe I'll write a script for a Jonas Brothers movie based on my dream!  Or maybe I'll stop eating so close to bedtime. 


Marguerite said...

As a mother who does know who the Jonas brothers are(the oldest 3 are a little obsessed) I found your dream very funny. I would definetly do a script proposal

Kate P said...

That was pretty vivid!