Sunday, November 16, 2008

Look what I did!

I was reading one of Donna Boucher's guest posts on Pioneer Woman Photography one day and Miz Boo was talking about how in Photoshop you can take your photo and make it look like a painting. Well, we got Photoshop the other day and, well, see for yourself:

Here is my photo of the Empire State building at sunset:

(First, let me just say that prior to Sept. 11, 2001, all you would have seen from here is the twin towers. The ESB would have been hidden. )

I don't like this photo for a few reasons, one of which is that it is too blurry. That will teach me not to bring a tripod. But, if I turn it into an oil painting, it doesn't need to be tack sharp, does it?

You can tell the difference a little more if you click on it. Here comes a better example.

My photo of a lifeguard chair at sunset:

Same day, same blur. No tripod. I tried the oil painting effect on this one and I didn't like it so much. Scott suggested trying it as a watercolor and after some fiddling, I came up with this:

You sort of lose the sunset feel a bit, but I really like this one.

So, thanks Miz Boo, for teaching me something new and thanks to PW for her blog and having you guest post! Now I am off to use more time I don't have to spare to play with Pictures. Like owning Lightroom wasn't bad enough!


Donna Boucher said...

Oh my goodness, your landscape with the epb looks like a painting by a great master! The light reflecting off the Empire State b. is beautiful.

The lifeguard chair is also enhanced by the "paint" technique!!!

So cool. I love them and thank you so much for letting me know you liked using this simple and beautiful photoshop tech.

Donna aka Miz Boo

Amy Giglio said...

Donna, thanks so much. I'm going to blow these up and frame them and out them in the house somewhere. If you hadn't shown us this trick, I doubt I ever would have gotten them printed. :)

Kate P said...

That is way cool. And I totally love that you're gonna frame them.