Monday, January 18, 2010

It's true...

Ten years ago in March, Scott and I were married. We bought our house in Linden, NJ, even as I gave my husband 5 years to find a job in PA so I could move closer to my friends and family. I worked at a major university here in NJ as an admissions counselor and I traveled a little bit. We had a cat.

I had all kinds of plans for us. We would travel some. Maybe Italy, maybe drive across the country. We were young (24) and we had all kinds of time ahead of us to get around to the kids we wanted to have (2 or 3-it was up in the air).

On Mothers' Day, 2000, I found out I was pregnant. The baby would be born before our first anniversary.

I did not feel equipped for motherhood in any way. I was excited, but I was really scared. And I was not entirely comfortable with my plan changing. We wouldn't be jetting off to Europe anytime soon. We had decided before we got married that once we had kids I'd stay home and take care of them. I wasn't making really GREAT money in my job and by the time you factored in day care and both of our crazy schedules, well, it wasn't worth it.

Nine years ago today, I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy. The blog world knows him as Primo. We took a little while figuring each other out, but every year has gotten better and better.

So, what they say is really true. God's plan for you is really so much better than the plan you have in mind.

Happy 9th birthday to my firstborn, my smartypants, my right hand man. I love you so much. I cannot imagine my world-- THE world-- without you in it. You are my joy. The Lord has big plans for you, my friend. I am so blessed and so grateful that he gave you to us.

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Kate P said...

Happy birthday, Primo! Wow, 9 is almost in the double digits!!!