Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Name is Yu Ming

Well actually, my name is Amy, but "My Name is Yu Ming" is a short film that Scott and I saw on TV a few months ago. See, living in the Metro NY area, I get NYCtv on my cable and they have a program called The Short List that runs short films for about a half hour. We caught this wonderful little film again last night and I just have to share.

My Name is Yu Ming is a film about a Chinese shopworker who learns Gaelic in getting ready to move to ireland. He gets into Dublin only to find that no one there speaks Gaelic. It's really just delightful. If the embed for whatever reason doesn't work, follow the link at the beginning of this paragraph and you can watch it there.

And Scott says he's never done the Raging Bull "You talkin' to me?" conversation with himself in the mirror like I see so many guys in movies do.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This conversation actually just happened

Me: Why don't you ever empty the Diaper Genie?
DH: Because you told me I would never have to.
Me: (!)....Really?
DH: Yeah.
Me: I actually said that?
DH: Yeah. You told me when you went and bought that fancy new diaper pail that I would never have to empty it.
Me: Me? I actually said that?
DH: Yeah.
Me: Really? I really said that?
DH: Yeah. I'm not trying not to pull my weight. You said I'd never have to empty it. You don't remember that?
Me: I have no recollection of that conversation at all.
DH: Well, you said that.
Me: Okay.

I still have no recollection of telling my DH that he would never have to empty the diaper pail, though it sounds like something I would say since he wasn't in favor of getting the Diaper genie since we had a pail already. Never mind that it smelled awful and there was better diaper disposal technology available to us. He would only have been completely Ok with the new pail if it were made by Apple. I used a similar tactic when we got our cat, Misty. I told him he'd never have to scoop the litter box. I proceeded to become pregnant almost immediately and he scooped the p**p for the next year and a half (because if a woman shouldn't handle the cat box while pregnant, she probably still shouldn't while nursing, right?).