Monday, March 21, 2005

this is harder than it looks

I think of myself as a witty person, a bit of a raconteuse if you will, but writing this blog is harder than it seemed. I have read other peoples' blogs and I though to myself, I can do that. Funny things happen to me all the time. And I do a lot of reflecting and overananlyzing. Perhaps someone in the world will be positively affected by something I write. It's a perfect platform for me to evangelize.

But when I think about what I might want to write about, and who it will effect directly, I find myself censoring a little more than I thought I would. I find myself saying, "Gosh, how will so and so feel if they see that?" and I wind up keeping it to myself or in my prayer journal.

Ah well. I'll just ask for the Holy Spirit to inspire me to write something useful. Pray for me, too, will you?

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