Friday, November 24, 2006

Day late, but still Thankful

I am profoundly grateful for my family and for my friends and for the privilege Our Lord has given me by calling me His daughter.

I have also decided that the time is now to tell those whom we love just how much they mean to us. Is there an aunt you don't get to see all that often who was extraordinaritly kind to you as a child? Now is the time to tell her that her presence in your life has been of immeasureable value. Track down that coach who helped challenge you and make you who you are today and thank him or her for everything they did for you and your teammates. Shoot them a quick email, or even better, write a quick note. Then offer a prayer to the Lord thanking him for blessing you with that person.

It is time to live without regretting all of the kind words you never shared. None of us knows when those who were so important to us will not be with us any longer.

Peace be with you.

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