Monday, November 13, 2006

Some stuff I've been chewing on for a few weeks.

Sounds appetizing, no?

I was at the doctor's office for my post-partum checkup several weeks ago. Now I have to explain about this doctor. He is super nice (OK and Super Cute) and really looks like an English Professor (little glasses and blond floppy hair included). He's a bit of a philosopher also. He was admiring my baby (really, she is cute) and she smiled at him and he asked me, "Why do you think the first thing a baby does is smile? I mean, why smiling?" I said something like, "Because God knows that by the time a baby is 4-6 weeks old, the mother needs some positive reinforcement to keep her from putting the child out on the street." "OK," he says, "but why a smile?"

So he then asked me how I was doing, and I had to tell him that this was the easiest recovery I have ever had. After 3 C-sections, reason would dictate that this ought to have been the hardest recovery, but it really wasn't. I told him that between all the people (you guys) praying for me, being truly happy with the OB group that he is in (I wasn't crazy about the other group), and the hospital being so great (a much better experince than the previous two births) it was the best birth I've had.

He then spoke about there being a "vibe" about the hospital, a Catholic hospital, and that a lot of people coment how caring a place it is. Now, to me this has a pretty no-brain explanation. It's because it is a Catholic hospital with Jesus ion the premises. The Eucharist is there 24/7. I had someone offer me the sacrament every day. Mass was on the TV in my room every day. Sorry, doc. It's not a "vibe." It's Jesus.

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