Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tag! I'm it!

Barb got me. Here goes...

Who are the five Catholic (or Christian) bloggers whom you would most like to meet in person, but have not (yet)

In no particular order, they include but are not limited to...

1. Fra. Lawrence Lew, op, of Contemplata Aliis Tradere

2.Mark Mossa, sj, of ...And I let myself be duped, formerly "You duped me Lord"

3. Der Tommissar of The Donegal Express

4. Arthur (and Andrew, who is now in the monastery) the Angry Twins.

5. Rachel Swenson Balducci of Testosterhome.

And here are the bloggers I've already met! (Do spouses & relatives count?)
1. Aimee of The Mother Load. She's my best girlfriend. I've known her for 14 years. Is that cheating?

2. Barb, the SFO Mom.

3. Penni, of Martha, Martha.

4. Frank, of the Girls. But he's my brother. does that count?

If you're named above, consider yourself "tagged!"


~m2~ said...

ame!! my bloglines haven't been updating and i went to see where you were and i must've deleted you - can you believe that??


now you are blogrolled and bloglined - you are one of the only bloggers i have ever met, and probably one of the coolest :)

Amy Giglio said...

Thanks Pen! No worries about the blogroll. I don't pay much attention to that stuff.