Thursday, January 18, 2007

That Son o'Mine

Today is Primo's Birthday. He is six. He is a very smart, sweet, loving boy who says God is his best friend and that when I sing I sound like I'm on stage.

He is is my first child. He was a surprise, a "honeymoon" baby. He is living proof that God's plan is so much better than the plan you have worked out for yourself sometimes.

He is alternately so much me and so much his father. The things he does that sometimes frustrate me are things that I did that frustrated my mother. We fight passionately sometimes (I'm afraid he inherited my temper), but we love each other as much as we fight. He looks so much like my father and grandfather that is scares me.

I thank the Lord for him every day. He is a blessing to all who meet him and he is irreplaceable. He is my Primo.

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