Sunday, June 03, 2007

too close to home

Heard about the terrorist plot to blow up JFK Airport in New York? Do you know where the other end of that jet fuel pipeline is? Across the street from the Little League fields where Primo plays Tee Ball. Right here in Linden. Our family was there yesterday morning.

As if the sky high property taxes and home prices here weren't enough to send us looking for real estate in the middle of nowhere.

Thank God that the guys got caught. I love the FBI.


Christine said...

Holy Cow!

Quite distressing.

You know, Southwest Virginia is really nice and quiet. And very, very pretty, especially in the Fall.

T with Honey said...

Yikes! That's definitely too close for comfort.

Amy Giglio said...

Christine, we loved Charlottesville when we were there a few summers ago. Virginia is very nice.

T, I know. These are the things you have to deal with when you live in an industrial town so close to NYC (There are 2 oil refineries here in town and a GM plant that's closing this summer). I'm just glad we don't live on that side of town where the pipline runs under the houses.

~m2~ said...

oh (((amy))) -- you know, south jersey is no where near the JFK airport.

just sayin' is all.

(miss you!!)

Christine said...

Hey, that's true. You can live down the shore, as well! I grew up in Toms River, which is growing like mad lately, but at least it's not within striking distance of NYC. And Island Beach State Park is really nice, too, if you can get there before they close it down when it's full.

MMMMM....I think we need to go visit my Nana.

Aimee said...

Yikes! How did I miss this post when you first put it up?!

We still have that empty lot next door . . . we could just add another house onto my house and make one gigantic Catholic commune. I'm sure my neighbors would be totally down with that :)!