Sunday, March 30, 2008

He's our God-Bun

Today was the baptism day of my best girl friend Aimee's son, Bun (not his real name. Please! What kind of weirdoes do you think I associate with? Wait. Don't answer that).

Everything she has blogged about this boy is true. He is a snuggly, chubby bunch of baby who fell asleep in my arms (ok, full disclosure, he fell asleep in everyone's arms, but I'm his godmother and it's my blog so I'm going to pretend he liked me best) and I just wanted to eat him up he's so cute (Isn't it weird to say a baby is so cute you want to eat him? But he has the chubbiest cheeks and I really did want to chew them up. And I think I could have eaten a pound of those cheeks and there still would have been enough left over for Aimee to nibble on too.).

So please welcome our little Bun to the Church. And pray for his mama and daddy and his brother and sisters. His godfather (my husband Scott) and I will.

Here's a picture of Scott with Bun, taken with Scott's camera phone. That's why it's fuzzy. Get a load of those cheeks.


Kate P said...

The God-Bun! How cute! I have a new nephew with cute chubby cheeks, too. The Bun looks as if he's got himself some nice new godparents. Congrats. :)

P.S. Glad I finally noticed you were blogging again--I started, too!

Anonymous said...

God-Bun... a cute name for a very cute baby. Congratulations on the honor of being chosen as his Godparents!!