Wednesday, June 25, 2008

whats up?

I am going to post Life is a Highway Part 2 after I write it down, but I wanted to update my reader about why I've been too busy to post.

1. Primo, our eldest was in baseball camp last week and someone's got to pick him up.
2. My mom was away last week visiting my grandmother so I had no one to mind the hooligans whilst I blogged.
3. I got to spend last Monday night alone in my house with my husband.
4. I have been spending some time on facebook. Why can't we be friends?
5. Drama continues with the new next-door neighbor
6. There is a lot of TV I have to watch.
7. Trying to toilet train Curly Sue who will be 2 in August.
8. Last week of school for Bubba.
9. Moving the furniture in the living room.
10. Getting work done at the office so I can take July and August off. See you in September... See you when the summer's through...

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