Wednesday, June 25, 2008

thinking out loud

You know what story from the Gospels that's really speaking to me right now? It is the one where Jesus was 12 and he stayed behind in Jerusalem and Mary and Joseph had to go back and find him. Often, I think: "Boy, he's lucky that I wasn't his mother or he might not have gotten the chance to save us from sin 'cause I would have killed him."

But as my kids get on my nerves I think, what is the Lord trying to tell me about how I ought to handle myself and discipline my children when they are defiant, when they use their selective hearing, when they disobey, when they bite/kick/punch each other?

I mean, I just don't see Mary screaming at Him or anyone else for that matter. Then again, she was conceived without original sin. And I certainly was not.

I've been meaning to use some imaginative prayer to reflect on this, but I can't get quiet enough.
Maybe I ought to go to Adoration.

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Kate P said...

Hey, maybe you can write a bestseller: "What Would Mary Do? The Holy Family Model for Raising Children." (Just remember me in your thank-yous when you're published, ha ha.)

Maybe Mary was so relieved she found Jesus that she didn't yell her head off at him. I probably would've been more terrified of having to explain to God that I'd lost his Son. . .