Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Did you hear that? You know, the big exhale? It's the sound of me relaxing because I have 2 months off from work. That's right. I'm not back at work till after Labor day, and on a reduced schedule to boot. My wonderful pastor and boss, Fr. Bob (hi Fr. Bob!), has allowed me to rejigger my contract so that I work 10 months a year and 25 hours a week. It's gonna be great for my home life.

So how did we celebrate the end of my last day of work before summer vacation last night? Well, I threw some hot dogs on the grill and then called the fire department because my grill caught on fire. It wasn't bad. Just the knobs melted and nothing blew up and the house didn't catch. Which is a good thing too cause we are having new siding put on and the guys are almost done! And absolutley no one was hurt. All the firemen had to do was get their fire extinguisher off the back of the truck.

If you don't own a fire extinguisher, please go out right now and purchase one. If I had one at home, I would never have had to call out the Linden FD. I mean it. Go right now. I'll be here when you get back. (....whistling....) Hey, glad you went and picked that up.

Turned out that a line that feeds from the tank to the burner sprung a leak. That's why the flame was under the grill, not in it. The fireman said it happens a lot. I'm not sure if it happens more often on grills you buy from Target on clearance for $25. Bargain shoppers beware.

So, what's on the agenda for this summer? A lot of cleaning and throwing things away. My house is a pigsty and we have too much stuff. By the time we get around to having Curly Sue's 2nd birthday party in the end of August, I don't want to be ashamed of my house anymore. And we're trying to get a trip to Hershey Park and at least one day at the beach in there too. Oh, and VBS back at the parish is in 2 weeks. And I'd like to go out and harass these good people. So, I'll be busy. But I'll mostly be busy cleaning.

So, what are you cooking up for yourselves this summer?


Barb, sfo said...

Glad nothing was lost but the grill & the hot dogs. I bet Bubba enjoyed the commotion...

We're not cooking up much. Big Brother is searching for a job to finance his flying lessons, and he has Boy Scout camp in 2 weeks. Little Brother will go to VBS at the end of the month and Middle Sister will be a "helper" at VBS. I hope to find out when swimming lessons take place at the pool (they're bad about posting that in advance) so I can sign Little Brother up for that.
Otherwise, we hang close to home since it just cost me $78 to fill my gas tank (and that was at the CHEAP place.)

Aimee said...

Yes, come and harass us any time! We look forward to it :)

We are going to the beach in a little over a week. We are going to Wilmington NC and we're taking my parents with us. They will get a vacation, and with more hands to help, maybe ROb and I will get a vacation, too! :)

We'll def. be seeing you :)