Sunday, July 06, 2008

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As some of you may know, here at Casa Giglio we are all about the Baseball. We are very specifically All About the Yankees Baseball:

Scott: If I'm going to help you put the kids to bed, we should put them to bed soon 'cause the Yankees-Red Sox game starts at 8.

Curly Sue: Wanna watch Ankees too....

Scott: No, sweetie, it's bedtime. The game comes on after you're in bed.

Curly Sue (whining): Wanna watch Ankees Bee Ball toooooooo.........

I think Whinese is the new official language of our home. Anyway, back to baseball.

Since we are All About the Yankees Baseball, I get to watch many many games on TV for 6 months out of the year (We start with the exhibition games in Spring Training and go until the World Series is done, even if the Yankees are not playing Baseball.) and I have also been subjected to listened to many a game on the AM radio in the car. (Though I just have to say that the background noise and being confined in the car when we are sort of far from the signal causes me much MUCH irritation. And from what I understand, an AM signal travels quite far, especially on a clear night when you're driving back to NJ from Baltimore MD; making a quite uncomfortable car ride for me. Have I digressed again?) I have concluded that most of the announcers (with the exception of John Sterling and Susan Wohltman on the radio) are really quite annoying. Here is my list of Most Annoying Baseball Announcers:

The winner of Most Annoying Baseball Announcer Ever is Joe Buck. The sound of his voice makes me want to hurl bricks through my TV screen. He never seems to be impartial. He does not disguise his contempt for the Yanks. This may be strongly worded. I don't care. I have a headache from too much Baseball. The worst thing about Joe Buck is that he is THE FACE of Fox Sports. Dude covers freaking everything. Can't even watch the Super Bowl without having to put on the SAP and listen to the guys speaking Spanish. I don't even understand Spanish. Joe Buck annoys me THAT much--I would rather listen to commentary in a language I do not understand than listen to Joe Buck.

A strong second in the Most Annoying category is YES's own Michael Kay. You can't get away from this guy either. He's the face of the network! Can you PLEASE tell me why you're interviewing Snoop Dogg on Center Stage? Last time I checked, he's a rapper, not an athlete. OK, he coaches his kid's Pee wee Football team. That's great. Center Stage has Jumped the Shark. Another one that I'd rather listen to Spanish than him.

Third: Tim McCarver. I understand he's a legend and a Baseball Pundit (if there is such a thing), but he is as annoying as those midges that wouldn't leave Joba alone in Cleveland last fall. There's a whole website dedicated to how much people dislike him! The SAP button is my best friend. But at least McCarver played baseball.

You know what the problem with TV people is? They talk too MUCH!!! Tonight, the game was on ESPN. The guys was taking about A-Rod's marriage splitting up and the possible Madonna connection and then he has the nerve to say, "But it's none of our business" !!!!!!! You're right, Annoying Announcer Man, it IS none of our business. So WHY did you bring it up???!!!

Open comment to announcer guys: Stop talking so much! I'd rather hear the crowd noise. The Spanish guys know when to shut up. The Spanish guys are not in love with the sounds of their own voices. I don't want to hear you talking like you know. 'Cause most of you have only stepped onto a field to interview players. Like Scott said tonight: it's not radio. You don't have to worry about dead air.

Gah!!! Idiots!

/end rant


Christine the Soccer Mom said...

It could actually be worse. You could (a) live in Virginia and not get WPIX any more (or whatever it's called now), and (b) have to depend on Red Sox Fan Central (aka ESPN) for your baseball news in the mornings.

For example, A-Rod TIED Mantle last night, and it's not a top-ten play. But any time a team has a great play against the Yanks, it's sure to be on the Top Ten. (Not that the double-play that got Jeter out at second wasn't good, but, come ON! We get metric football goals galore and NOT A-Rod's tying Mantle?? What kind of idiocy is that!? Oh, yeah, ESPN are Red Sox stooges.)

But I'm not bitter. No. Not at all.

BTW, I threatened my six year old with sleeping outdoors because she dared to utter the words, "I'm going to root for the Red Sox tonight."

But that's not wrong, is it? I know you'll agree... ;)

Amy Giglio said...

Christine, I'm feeling you. The game would be so much nicer to watch if we didn't have to endure the commentators.

You probably could get CBS 880 down there on a clear night so you could hear the dulcet tones of John Sterling.

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Would be nice, but I'm in "real" Virginia: Blue Ridge Mountains. Half the time, I don't even get the local stations without inordinate amounts of static! LOL

Hey, and how about this? Our local minor league team, which used to be owned by the Astros, was bought by ...


Ugh. If we go to a game this season, I'll be sure to wear my Yankees gear. All of it. ;)

Amy Giglio said...

Ugh. You have my condolences. I'll bet the scenery out your kitchen window is nice, though.

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Oh, for sure! And the fawns are so cute that I'm almost willing to forgive them for eating my lilies and hosta every year. ;) Same for the bunnies, though the ground squirrels (chipmunks) certainly could do with a cat to kill them all. (Yes, all.)

But I am not far from Jefferson and Washington National Forests and the Blue Ridge Parkway. When the leaves turn and I drive down my street ...


Come on down and visit sometime. ;)

Amy Giglio said...

I love the part of VA where you guys are. It's beautiful. I'd love to came see you. And it's been really great "talking" to you again!