Thursday, October 30, 2008


My name is Amy.

And I don't like scrapbooking.

I don't understand scrapbooking. The time, the money. It's an art lost on me.

I would much prefer to put everything in a box and dig through it later when it has accumulated a protective coating of dust.

I'm the kind of person who likes her memories the way they evolve over the course of years. Please don't bother me with the facts of how it all went down. This is why we didn't get a video of our wedding. I don't want to know about what I didn't see. I don't want to know what Drunk Kristen would have said if there was a camera in her face. I want to look at the album the photographer put together for me and remember my wedding the way I want to remember it: that I was in love (and still am) and that I was so happy and that I didn't get to eat any of my wedding cake.

How about you? Anything that you feel sort of like you're supposed to like/do/get/be that just doesn't click for you? Or, is there anything that you're not supposed to like/do/get/be that you can't resist? Mine is the Wonder Pets. It's a show for kids, but I'll watch it even if there's no one else at home. :)


Kate P said...

You didn't get any of your wedding cake!?

I'll stick with the TV theme and confess I never got into popular shows like "Survivor," "Lost," or "Gray's Anatomy." I don't get the attraction.

And you already know I watch "Fetch!" :)

Amy Giglio said...

Yes, I didn't get to eat my cake. Well, I got to eat the bit that Scott fed me after we cut it, but we went around to say hi to people afterward and when we got back to thead table 10 minutes later they had already cleared it! Oh well.

Laura said...

My name is Laura and I don't own any Uggs.
I don't like strawberries.
I don't ski.
(In fact I don't like being in snow very much at all.)
Should I go on?