Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Lost Mother of the Year. Again.

Picture it: This morning, our bathroom. Mommy trying to get ready for work. Curly Sue decides to brush her teeth. She gets hold of the big boys' Spongebob Flouride toothpaste, unscrews the cap, and starts sucking on the end.

Me: Don't do that. Too much toothpaste will make you sick. Put that down.

CS: (Pouts as if I had just kicked her puppy)

Me: Don't you be looking at me like that. You can't eat the toothpaste.

CS: (welling up) I sowwy, Mommy. (crying, trying to open the bathroom door) I go to my woom now.


Aimee said...

Oh those tender #3 girls! Sally does the same thing when i speak sharply to her (which is about 50 gajillion times a day). Her big blue eyes fill with tears and she bites her lip and then has these little quiet shuddery sobs. Boy do I feel like a wretch around her sometimes :)

Kate P said...

I can see Curly Sue (and Sally) making it big in the school play. Oh, the drama. . . I can say that b/c I was the same way! My poor mom.

KNJ said...

Too much! This would be one of the times it'd be FUN to have a hidden camera in the bathroom. Wait, maybe the only time :) But I'm guessing you just lost Mom of the Day award- the year is an awfully long time!!!