Sunday, December 14, 2008

The name on the mailbox read "Griswold..."

photo of a house in the next town by Scott Giglio

Well, no, not really. but it should have. Oy vey! I don't want their electric bill in January! They had crazy stuff like a Santa rocket ship, Santa train, even a booty-shaking Santa. No. you read that right. His booty moved side to side. It was sort of disturbing.

Even sort of funnier was that we first saw this house on Friday night when we all piled into the car to drive around and look at lights. When we went back tonight with the camera, they had actually ADDED lights!!!

In other news, we got our Christmas tree today. We get ours fresh cut at the tree farm in Long Valley, NJ. No, we don't cut it ourselves. A nice college boy does. On the way home, after much travelling about the land of Scott's youth, we stopped in Bedminster for a coffee. Here's photo I took of the sunset:

As I got out of the van to take the picture, Primo asked me why I always take so many pictures of the sky. I don't know. Here is Primo with Curly Sue in the evening light:

And here is Bub, avoiding the camera:

Poor kid's in the way back, no light on him, and then he told me to stop taking his picture. This is the only one I got. Plus I had to crop good ol' Primo out 'cause he's a camera hog.

Fun times! What did you do this weekend?


Kate P said...

Oh my gosh, that looks like fun. I'll bet the Christmas tree looks great. (And is Curly Sue a mini version of you???)

I visited my little sister this weekend for her Christmas party. That was fun. . . now, back to reality, right?

Mrs. G. said...

What sweet faces you have in your backseat!

Amy Giglio said...

Kate, the tree will look great when we finally get it up! We got home so late from our gallavant over North Jersey that we couldn't put it up!

Mrs. G., so cool to have you pop in! I love those faces. Wouldn't trade them for anything.