Saturday, February 21, 2009

So, how was your week?

Let's flash back to last Thursday: Amy begins to feel slightly under the weather.
Friday: Amy feels really crappy, but since she is not a lady who lunches, continues to do what most moms do and push through, catching as much rest as she can so she is well enough to go out with her husband on their first Valentine's day date on actual Valentine's day in whenever long (probably the history of their relationship. I can share my thoughts on Valentine's Day in another post).
Saturday: Amy feels better; Scott and Amy pack up the kids and ship them to the in-laws (yes the ones recovering from eye surgery and rotator cuff surgery, why do you ask?) and they go to the big night out at the college's alumni event for Valentine's day in which: Amy tries caviar and sushi (meh and YUM!), drinks 2 glasses of champagne, requests no shrimp on her salad and gets yummy fresh mozzarella instead, has the most wonderful beef tenderloin that has ever crossed her lips, then to top it off has the most wonderful chocolate and fresh berry dessert accompanied by the single worst cup of coffee she has ever tasted in her entire life. Amy, have you met Weight Watchers? Then we go back to the in-laws for a family sleepover (you didn't think we were going to make the in-laws deal with our kids first thing in the morning, did you?), find the chocolate my MIL left on our pillows (she is as great as she sounds) and sleep on the pull-out couch with limited success.
Sunday: Wake up feeling not unlike road kill, notice Bubba's eye is a little red and appears to have extra eye boogers. Decide to wait and see if we call the friends whose house we were going to for dinner and cancel. Go to Mass. Convince ourselves it's not pink eye and head to the H. Family's home and have a wonderful wonderful time. Stay way too late. Thank God it's a holiday the next morning. Kids fall asleep in the 4 mile drive home. Put them to bed. Go to bed convinced our friends will never talk to us again after their 3 kids get pink eye from the overstays their welcome and brings us pink eye family (aka Giglios) .
Monday: Amy wakes up feeling mostly good, very tired. President's day. Bub's eye is redder and boogery-er. Primo's eye is reddish. Go to Doctor. Diagnosis: pink eye. Scott gets email that a friend is up from DC. Makes plans for disease-ridden family to meet the nice, training-for-a-marathon single guy for some coffee (would you like room for pink eye?). Play at park on the way home (we like to share), fight with kids to take eye drops. Put them to bed after supper.
Tuesday: Amy wakes up feeling ok, not great, but everyone stays home because, hey, we're contagious and can't go to school! We play Homeschool for the morning and work on the packet of 12 papers that Primo hasn't finished at school since the end of January. Primo shuts down at lunchtime. we stop at 8 papers. Excellent progress. More eyedrop wrestling. Curly Sue vomits randomly right before dinner. Is fine by bedtime.
Wednesday: Amy feels like S*&%. Stays home from work, but has to go to boys' schools to administer eyedrops at lunchtime. Amy and Scott make progress on Lego Indiana Jones And the Temple of Doom on Wii.
Thursday: Amy feels like S*&% warmed over and smeared on the bottom of some guy's shoe. Scott stays home later to run boys to school. Downside: Scott will be getting home later. Amy stays home from work again. Does lunchtime eyedrops again. Does homework again. Remembers late that Primo has to get Varicella vaccine that night. Scott comes home earlier to get Primo to take him to doctor. Decide kids can go another night without a bath. Put them to bed. Scott convinces Amy (OK, didn't take much convincing) to defeat Lego Indiana Jones And the Temple of Doom on Wii. There is much rejoicing. Amy falls alseep before her head hits the pillow.

That's enough fun for now. And I didn't even get to the REAL fun yet. More tomorrow.

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Kate P said...

Yikes (but yum to the dinner). I am stayed tuned!