Saturday, November 27, 2010

Random randomness part 785

Hello, Internet. I know you missed me. My life has been cuckoo crazy lately. Here's a recap:
  1. both boys played flag football in a rec league this fall. This totally kicked my butt. They were in 2 different age groups, so they played on different days and had totally different practices and some of the older boy's games didn't even end until after 9. Monday-Thursday of every week was football in addition to the OT for one of the kids, two different cub scout dens, and CCD for me two nights a week.
  2. I am leading our younger son's cub scout den, which feels completely overwhelming, but probably because of the flag football experience as outlined above. I do enjoy it, but I feel I have have said yes to too much this year.
  3. Case in point: I allowed myself to be guilted into serving as a class mom again for my daughter's preschool class. I was told that they asked everyone else. I'm not sure that's the whole truth. It's fun, but this year can be a lot of work. The teacher already let me off the hook with the huge Thanksgiving breakfast they usually do (she's just coming back from maternity leave and I asked her if we can back off on it), but I still get to chair all of the class parties, field day, "beach" party, and graduation. Which all takes place in the beginning of June and should prove interesting because:
  4. Giglio baby #4 will likely be born that week (I'm emailing all of the parents next week to delegate all of that end-of-year stuff.). We are really excited because we've been trying (or not not trying) to get pregnant since January. Reaction was mixed when we announced it to our families at Thanksgiving dinner (Dinner deserves a post of its own that will never be written. Stressful. not unborn-child-related). Feeling queasy and tired all the time, even at the 12 week mark. Pretty sure it's a girl.
  5. My niece came to stay with last last Sunday. She'll be with us for a while. She needs our prayers. Please pray for us as well.
So, there is most of it, I think. Isn't that enough?

I have to say I'm super jazzed to be pregnant at the same time once again as my best girl, Aimee. We're both due within a month of each other again.

I know I owe you posts. God willing, my life will slow down some. Someday. The way my luck seems to be running, I'll get put on bedrest. The upside would be that I'd have nothing to do but blog. The downside would be that chaos would ensue.

Blessed Mother, pray for me!


Barb, sfo said...

I'm thrilled for you about the baby! You've got prayers for all that you've asked for. And hey, that baby is a great excuse to back off from some of those commitments (or at least ask for help from the other Den Parents!!!)

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Nice blog..I will link to you..perhaps you might add mine..

Kate P said...

Whoa! Big news! Congrats--and yes, I will pray for your intentions. :)

Dorian Speed said...

I know I'm behind the curve here, but I just want to chime in: totally not true that they asked everyone else to be class mom. Unless they framed the question as "do you think you could do as good a job as Amy did last year?"