Thursday, December 09, 2010


suckity sucksucksucksucks suck.

My life is complicated and stressful right now. And in it I can see God's hand holding mine. I can see Him providing though the kindness of other people and I am grateful.

Just not cheerful.

I am beyond frustrated with certain people I am related to.

I am depressed.

I am angry.

I want normal again.

I want this sh!t to stop hitting the fan during the winter holidays (This isn't the first time it has all gone to hell right before Thanksgiving). I feel stressed right now because I can't do the things I want to do at this time of year. I don't feel adequately SPIRITUALLY prepared for Christmas.

I can't think any further ahead than the next 5 minutes. It's 12:13. I'm just trying to get to 1:00.

I feel like I'm in a constant state of prayer because otherwise I would have lost my mind.

Went to the OB yesterday. Unbelieveably, my blood pressure was normal: 110/70. That is a miracle because I spent the whole morning trying to wrangle 2 misbehaving children at Mass and listening to them bicker and tattle on each other ALL MORNING. ALL MORNING!

I feel like I go around the clock and am accomplishing nothing.

I know so many of you are praying for me. And I am so grateful for that. And I know that these problems I have, when taken with those of other people, are not a lot.

I'm just in the thick of it right now. And trying to get to 1:00.


Barb, sfo said...

You can count on even more prayers, OK??
And I was ranting this morning because my heat is broken AGAIN. Complaints abounded. That's gonna stop. I'm going to offer up the discomfort and inconvenience for your intention.

I doubt that Mary had a very peaceful Advent either, if that's any comfort.

You don't need to accomplish anything. You are raising 4 kids right now AND working on another. You're accomplishing PLENTY right there.

Barb, sfo said...

Apropos of nothing--I just saw your "imponderables" in the right sidebar, about googling the Pope's letter to the bishop.

The Vatican should be envying your SEO. Site designers go to great lengths to get to be #1 on google.

Kate P said...

Hang in there, Amy--you've got prayers going up for you. (BTW your BP is awesome so keep that up!)

Coincidentally, there's dumb family stuff going on in my corner of the world too (Lord help remove my resentfulness) so I totally feel for you.

Barb, so sorry to hear about your heat! I hope it's all fixed.

Kate P said...

Here's hoping things calmed down a tiny bit for you, Amy. Wishing you and the family a happy & holy Christmas!

P.S. I had to forward your laryngitis cure to my mom if that gives you any indication of how Christmas is going for us!