Friday, April 22, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: Easter Egg edition

With many thanks to the lovely Jennifer of Conversion Diary.

1. First: my hair because I KNOW you're dying to know how THAT all turned out. Saturday, I got an appointment with my friend who does hair at her house. I walked in and she told me, "I was all ready give you a hard time and to tell you it's not that bad. It really IS that bad." She said that there are some colorists who will never in their whole careers see hair as stained as mine was.

2. It took 3 or 4 bleach treatments to get the hair to go from strawberry (the actual color of a berry-not the pretty red-blonde color seen on people) to people-hair-colored-red. We were going to try and get it to the point where we could dye it a light brown color, but it would have meant a 4th or 5th whole-head bleaching. She said, "You know, we could just put some blonde highlights in and it would really be pretty."

3. Since it was 11 PM and I had been in her chair for THREE HOURS I told her to go for it.

4. Now I look less like Strawberry Shortcake and more like Vitamin C (only my hair is red and blonde, not red and yellow).

5. Remember the Graduation Song by Vitamin C? No? Here's the video:

6. The hair looks nice. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it. It's definitely bolder than I would have chosen, but I like it. It's very Spring.

7. On Sunday, I was wearing a pink shirt. Scott told me I looked so nice with my new hair and my pink shirt. I said thank you. Then, "You know, with the pink shirt, and the vibrant hair, I look like an Easter Egg." And I am OK with that.

From this Easter Egg to you, Happy Easter!

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Kate P said...

Yay, your hair is fixed! Highlights are awesome. Happy Easter to you & the family!!!