Friday, May 13, 2005

Baby boomer Catholics

So I was asked to serve on the PCL (Parish Catechetical Leaders) Council in my diocese. It's a group of about 16 PCLs from the counties in our diocese and we meet quarterly with the Cathechetical Office staff to discuss what's going on in our diocese regarding catechetics.

I am flattered and honored that one of my colleagues asked me to take her spot on the council (her term was up). And the others on the council are very nice people, and so are the folks in the catechetical office. Here comes the BUT: they seem to be typical baby boomer catholics. You know, the voice of the faithful joining, Thomas Reese loving ones. I type this because we were electing a new Chair of the council and we did it conclave-style and the Sister elected was asked what her name would be (laughs all around) and then ones of the ladies in the room, grandmother of 5 under the age of 5, asked Sister if as one of her first duties she'd reinstate Fr. Reese. Then there were potshots at our Archbishop. I just know now how this is going to go every time I have to meet with these folks. Now I know why my predecessor never went to any of these meetings.

Anyhow, so here I am on this council and we don't meet until next fall, so I have plenty of time to read up on my Ratzinger. I think I'll wear a Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club T-shirt to the next meeting. Maybe I'll put the Archibishop's face on the front.

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