Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No Child left behind

Read this today when I should have been making lunches and I thought that all of this education legislation that the candidates are talking about just totally misses the point.  They talk a good game about raising test scores and making American kids more competitive internationally.  But kids whose parents are actively involved in their educations do better than kids whose parents are not involved (by choice, circumstance, whatever).  Kids who have someone home with them when they get home from school do better than latchkey kids.  

You can't reasonably expect teachers to raise test scores all by themselves.  What is taught at school needs to be reinforced through homework and through the parents and teachers working together.  

So, what are McCain and Obama  going to do about making it possible for more parents to get involved??  What will they do to support the family so that more parents can be there for their kids instead of working 3 jobs to pay the bills?

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