Monday, June 27, 2005

haircut 100

My husband gave the boys their first ever crew cuts this weekend. It has been awful hot here lately and I got tired of the two of them looking so warm. We took them outside, DH shaved their heads with the clippers and then we hosed them off (refreshing since it was 97 degrees yesterday). They look infinitely cooler (in a temperature sense), but the little one has these eyes as big as saucers and he looks a little like a cancer patient (his hair used to be long, but not in a girly way-or a Joey Lawrence on "Gimme a Break" way either. just shaggy). DH tried to get the front of their hair to stick up yesterday with some gel, but there wasn't much to stick up. So the elder boy took it upon himself to put what must have been nearly 1/4 cup of this stuff on his peach fuzz this afternoon. At least it smells good. And it washes out.

The cherries are in (on sale) and so are the bluberries and corn. Ah summer.

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