Monday, June 13, 2005

On Ordination

May 29 was the date of ordination here in Newark. A friend of our family (Hi Fr. Colin) was ordained and we went. It was not my first ordination. I worked for the rectory in my parish in PA and one year we had a transitional deacon invite us to his ordination. Fr. JIm's ordination did not stir me like Fr. Colin's did. I think it has more to do with the fact that I was a self-absorbed 13 year old than the quality of the liturgy.

But I dirgress.

This was a beautiful bilingual liturgy (English and Spanish). And I was enormously proud, not only of Colin, but of all of the men who were ordained that day. Truly, I felt like all 12 of them were related to me. How beautful is their sacrifice and thier response to the Lord's call. I found myself seeing my sons on the altar (please, God!) and I was moved to tears. I pray often for the Lord to call my sons to the priesthood. And I pray that they will answer the Lord with the "Yes" that those 12 men gave on May 29.

Please pray for the newly ordained priests all ove rthe US. but also please pray for boys like my sons, that they might hear God's call, and that they might have the courage to answer.

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