Tuesday, June 14, 2005

On being a young DRE

So, on June 1 and 2 I went to an in-service that the Cathechetical office ran for the Archdiocese's DREs. The presenter was great. The topic was stimulating, and all around it was a great 2 days.

However, (you could feel it coming, couldn't you?) I always feel a little out of place when I gather with my colleagues from around the Archdiocese. I am younger than many of them by a lot. (The late 60-year-old presenter singling me out as a young'un didn't help either) I do not yet have my Masters degree in theology. I am, as some of my colleagues might say (though never to my face) one of those people who is not qualified to be a Director of Religious Education.

But as I type this and realize how sorry I sound, I thinkabout all of the young people that God has called throughout history to do great things which, on papaer, they were probably not qualified to do. Jeremiah didn't feel qualified to be a prophet. David wasn'tl qualified to be a king. Joan of Arc was not qualified to be a general. Bernadette, Marta, Jacinta, Dominic Savio-all were yound, younger than me, and look at their lives.

I think all of this is starting to pile up on me since I turn 30 at the end of this year. Christ started His Public Ministry at this age, so I feel like I should really be getting moving, you know? Then again, He IS God, so I should cut myself some slack.

Anyhow, I came into Catechetical ministry by God's plan, because it was certianly not anything I would ever have chosen for myself. And if God thinks me capapble, and my pastor hired me--then why do I let those other people intimidate me? Joan of Arc stood up to the King and his lackeys. Those people are not as lofty as a king. And my life is not on the line. Ugh. What a coward. Get over yourself!

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