Friday, February 24, 2006

More news on Renee

Renee and mom came home from CHOP yesterday. She's resting and doing well. She had her first chemo treatment on Wednesday which made her pretty sick and tired. She'll be getting her treatments at a local hospital. The chemo and radiation combo will last for 27 weeks. She will go for chemo once a week for 10 weeks and then go every three weeks. She'll have to go every day for radiation treatments, but they haven't scheduled that yet. It will be soon though. I just got off the phone with her mom and Renee has got lots ofenergy right now, she's just a little bit overwhelmed by the outpouring of love she's been getting, as well as the surgery. She's trying to take it easy, as much as a four and a half year old girl can. She's also very concerned about her hair falling out. She looks like Dora the Explorer right now (see above). She's worried about the other kids making fun of her bald head. I think she'll look like a rock star.

She'll be joining her preschool classmates for a tour of the local Shoprite store (It's letter S week) on Monday as long as she's feeling well and she'll be back in school as often as she can be. Thanks for your prayers for her. Please keep praying.

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