Thursday, February 09, 2006

Update on Primo

Well, we went to the pediatric Neurologist last Friday. The diagnosis: the boy's fine motor skills are slightly underdeveloped (I knew that. His teacher caught that a few months ago.) and he has mild ADD. No medication needed, but he does need all of the individual attention he can get in school and a seat in the front of the classroom, close to the teacher. He is not diruptive at all. He just can't concentrate. The doctor recommended a child study team evaluation (in the works-paperwork is done and the state has to reply within 60 days of receiving the application) and occupation therapy for the fine motor skills.

I did fully expect to be told he had ADD. What the neurologist told us about the condition and how it fits Primo's behavior in school made a lot of sense. And I'm glad he said no meds. The boy doesn't need them. He wasn't going to get them anyway. I think people are just way to quick to put their kids on drugs to control their behavior.

My DH and I have both done some research on ADD and diet and we both found info on supplements, but I found some other interesting info. A doctor in Germany did some research on the high levels of Phosphates in food (especially processed foods) and how people with sensitivity to those phosphates exhibit ADD symptoms when they are exposed to those chemicals. So I bought the book. I'm waiting for it to get here from Australia and I'll see what it says. I think we'll try the low-phosphate diet for a week and see how he does. The site says there is improvement within 3-4 days, as the body purges itself of the chemicals. It's funny because when I read the high phosphate food list, it was EVERYTHING my kids eat on a daily basis. And when I read the case studies, the kids who were positively effected by the diet exhibited the same symptoms (to a more extreme degree) as Primo. The funniest thing I read was one mom (a pediatrician) described her son as having logarrhrea (constant talking). That is my son to a T. The boy never shuts up. He even talks in his sleep! It's OK because he usually has something interesting to say. It's just exhausting to listen to him sometimes!

So that's where we are with him.

In a slightly related note, we are seriously considering a major lifestyle change and we need all the prayers you can spare as we try to discern God's will for us. I hope to have more to say on that by the end of the month. You all are the best. God bless!

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