Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Found this on Open Book Yesterday and I can't get it out of my head or off of my heart.

Alicia the midwife's friend and fellow midwife Nancy's family is in a large pickle. It's horrifying. Every bit of it. Read the original post here on Alicia's blog, Fructus Ventris. Go here for the update from 5/19 and here for today's post with the photo of the 13 month old baby who was taken from his parents and briefly returned to them bruised and swollen.

Anyone who knows media people in Arizona who reads these entries and can get these people some help, please do. Maybe some print media attention will help. If you don't know people, please pray for them. That will help too.

Holy Family, pray for them. St. Michael, protect the children.

UPDATE: The family has contracted an attorney, but they are not wealthy. There is a link to a PayPal account for their legal defense at Alicia's blog. Follow this link.

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