Monday, May 01, 2006

I am a sad, sad specimen of a woman

I have been craving Lemonheads candy and I can't find them anywhere.

It all started a few weeks ago. Hmm... she thinks, I would sure love some Lemonheads, candy of my youth. Maybe they have them at Shoprite.

No Lemonheads at Shoprite.

Two weeks later: Hmmm... Maybe at Target?

No Lemonheads at Target.

Today: Maybe at Rite Aid?

No Lemonheads at Rite Aid.

An hour and a half ago: I wll drive across town to the Dollar Tree where I found them last July. Surely they will have Lemonheads 10 months later!!!!

No Lemonheads at Dollar Tree.

To DH on the cell phone: "I am looking in this store and there are no Lemonheads. And no other candy will do. For Mother's Day, I want to you to go online and order me some Lemonheads!"

At least I can avoid blogging about my other craving: the Turkey Club sandwich. I will be ordering one from one of the local diners for dinner tonight.

But now that I'm thinking about candy from my youth, Alexander the Grape was sure a great candy....

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