Tuesday, July 04, 2006


So, the boys are finally asleep at 10:30. Three hours past bedtime. Because some local yahoos were setting off fireworks in their driveways. There were more of them than last year, and I believe much of the credit goes to our neighbor to the West, the great state of Pennsylvania.

You see, PA has a new law making it legal to sell fireworks there. Except you can only sell them to people with out-of-state drivers' licenses. So, you can sell them in PA, but you can't blow off your own hand there or set your own neighbor's roof on fire with them. Nope. You sell them to the jerks from Jersey , Maryland, and your other border states so they can take them back home and blow off their limbs and set their neighbors' houses afire and keep their kids up.

Thanks a lot, Pennsylvania.

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