Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Things my kids said, part 4,324

Happy Independence Day! We went to the fireworks last night. Bubba got scared, then fell asleep. Primo enjoyed the show, but is under the weather with a double ear infection. He didn't mind the noise so much since he wore earplugs.

We just got back from Chili's where a family with a one year old was sitting at the table next to ours. Baby's mom cautioned Primo, who was attempting to play with the baby, that the wee one had a little cold. Primo said, "I have have allergies, a cold, and phlegm."

A few days ago, Primo picked a flower-like growth out of our lawn as a gift for me. He said, "I know the best flowers for moms. Dandelions."

There are some Bubba quotes, too, but I have forgotten them. I'll post when my brain starts working again. Probably in 18 years. ;)

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