Monday, July 10, 2006

Not that you asked...

but here are my 2 cents on these soldiers who raped then murdered a 14 year old girl in Iraq then murdered her family.

Hand them over to the Iraqi government to try.

These men are a disgrace to our nation. They are a disgrace to every man and woman in an American uniform and they certainly do not represent what we as a nation are all about. It makes me angry to think that the men and women who are over there fighting and helping to establish a new government over there are now even further behind than they were before. This crime will cause even more of the locals to turn against the other US soldiers over there and the government we are working so hard to establish over there. This crime puts more American soldiers in danger.

What better way to show that the US is in full supporrt of the newly elected Iraqi government than to give the criminals, who happen to be American citizens, over to their judicial process?

The priest at our 9:00 Mass yesterday spoke about Jesus as a patriot yesterday, since the 4th of July was last Tuesday. He spoke of the word "patriotism" as loyalty and commitment to one's father. Jesus, he said is the first among patriots since He did His Father's will completely and faithfully. Father spoke of us needing to be patriotic to the land of our birth: Heaven. When we are baptized, we become children of God, and Heaven becomes our home. He said we need to remember where we are really from and act accordingly.

These soldiers who have (OK, allegedly) committed these horrible crimes have forgotten to whom they belong. They deserve to face the full consquences of their actions. If this had happened to an American girl and her family, our government would demand that they be turned over to our judicial system. This Iraqi family deserves the same justice.

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