Thursday, September 07, 2006

The day from hell

Dad is sad,
Very very sad.
He had a bad day.
What a day Dad had!

From "Hop on Pop" by Dr. Seuss

I talked to my dad this evening. He started a new job about 3 months ago. He was fired from that job yesterday (My stepmom was laid off at the same time he got this new job back in June). So, now both of them are out of work with my 16 year old stepbrother still at home.

Here's the backstory: After about 20 years with one company, severely underpaid for his Systems Administrator position, he found another Systems Admin. job for a lot more money. After about ayear with that company, he was laid off and was unable to find another IT job for three years. He landed at this other place 3 months ago. There was a 90 day probationary period. He had an evaluation about a month ago and he claims it was a glowing performance review. Dad took a few days off last week to fly to Utah for my godfather's wedding. Yesterday was his first day back after the long weekend. He walked in and was told he was being let go because of job performance issues. He was told his desk would be packed up and sent to him.

So Dad, really mad, went home. Where he realized that he still had a key to the building. So, he called back and told them they'd get their key when he got his stuff. So they said, come back and get your things.

About 5 minutes away from his former employer's office, Dad stoppped at a red light. At which he was rear ended by a school bus. No one was seriously hurt and there were no kids on board. He went to the ER and was released. His car is totally messed up, but driveable.

So pray for my dad that he and my stepmom both find work soon. And that the auto body place will just fix his car since it's paid off and they can't afford a new one since they're both out of work.

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