Friday, April 11, 2008

my husband doesn't read my blog

It kind of bothers me. I try not to let it. He's busy and it's just a brain dump over here. But it's my brain dump and if he had a brain dump, I'd read it.

It's annoying that he doesn't stop by here.

I guess I can just use this space to rhapsodize about my mad crush on John Cusack, but my crush isn't as mad as Bossy's. I mean, I didn't make a You Tube video about it like she did.

Point of clarification: I would never leave my husband for John Cusack. But if I were to be widowed, I think John Cusack would make a great father for my children. I'm just sayin'.
Also, Scott does know about my crush on John Cusack. And he also knows about my crush on Steve Martin. But the Steve Martin crush is a secret because I think he might be older than my dad. Don't tell anyone, OK?
Do you think I'm looking for some attention? I might be. I should get back to work. I have a lot to do around here, actually.
'Bye, John. 'Bye, Steve.
Oh, and I'm back to blogging. Did you notice?


Civis said...

Don't feel bad. Not only does my wife not read my blog (although it is an absolute masterpiece of random thoughts while shaving), she twists my arm into proofreading her blog posts. I know how you feel, but I doubt that it is his lack of interest in you. His not reading your brain dump does not carry the same meaning as your not reading his would carry. I should be a psychologist.

I have a business associate who looks like John Cusack. I hear Steve Martin is real Jerk.

Amy Giglio said...

I'm glad you started blogging (those are deep random thoughts while shaving) and that Maureen is back. I nearly put her blog in my RIP post above, but the Holy Spirit whispered to me that I shouldn't. Then Barb posts that Maureen is back!
I'm actually not as bitter about my husband's lack of reading my blog as it might sound. Well, I'm not as bitter as I used to be. I just put this post in to see of he did ever stop by and if he'd comment. It's a social experiment, really. Plus. I like John Cusack. And Steve Martin is the best Jerk I ever saw. :)

Amy Giglio said...

Also, I think you're right about if he had a blog I never read that I'd be in a lot more trouble than he is. You should be a psychologist.