Sunday, April 20, 2008

out where the dandelions grow...

The boys have started baseball in earnest.  Scott is coaching both Bubba's T-Ball team and Primo's jr. pee wee little league team.  It's been fun times.  So fun that I'm looking forward to the end of the season already!  No, I'm kidding.  Mostly.  

Both teams are fun to watch for different reasons.  It's great to see the bigger kids (ages 7-9) put the basics together and play in a game.  They don't keep score at that level, but they do keep track of outs.  

With T-Ball, part of the fun is watching the little ones run after the ball, fight over who's going to get to throw it to 1st base, and to watch them dig in the dirt.  There is surprisingly little airplane watching, given the fact that the municipal airport is literally across the street and helicopters take off and land again with alarming frequency (I think there is a helicopter pilot school there).  

As we were watching Primo's game (which was right after Bubba's-we're there from 8am till noon or later every Saturday and Sunday-whoo-hoo!), Bub and I had the following conversation: 

me: So, Bub, how do you think Mike's Power Washing (his team) will do this year? Are you guys going all the way? (gives me a quizzical look)  You know, are you guys going to win the World Series this year?
Bub: Yeah, I think so.  
me: You do, huh?
Bub:  Yeah, but first we have to stop fighting.  And I have to stop diggin' in the dirt.  Then we can win the World Series.  


Barb, sfo said...

Oh, Amy, that song always makes me cry. And now it's gonna be stuck in my head ALL.DAY.LONG....

Sing it with me now..."here in right field..."

Aimee said...

Sage advice for future baseball stars :)