Monday, April 20, 2009

I have been away for a while and not as good as I ought to have been about posting the final Divine Mercy Novena post, and for that I am sorry. But this has been my distraction:
He made his First Holy Communion yesterday.


MamaK said...

Hey there! He is too adorable, really. Is this pic during the actual 1st comm? how do you guys handle that sort of thing up there? thanx.

Amy Giglio said...

Hey! Primo made his First Holy Communion at a regularly scheduled Sunday Mass (9:00 AM) and there were only 2 other kids, so we permitted families to take photos. My dad took this one using our camera. I liked having him receive this way so much better than having him go in a large group. It's much more intimate and Scott and I were able to go up with him. If it were in a group, we would not have been able to do that. For our large group Masses at the parish(we have three of those), we do not permit families to take photos from the main part of the church. We have a professional photographer and a professional videographer come out and cover it and the parents can buy a receiving photo and/or a DVD. We started having pros come out several years ago after an incident where someone's relative got ON THE ALTAR to take several pictures and then when the school principal (a formidable religious sister) told him to get down, he wouldn't. Hope that helps!

Kate P said...

Wonderful!!!! One of those days you'll always remember. :)