Tuesday, May 26, 2009

deep thoughts

I have some coherent posts in the works (yes, I have said that before), but right now my tired brain has only these little bits:

  • Some of you may know that I have been trying to lose weight since the end of last August. I have not been as successful as I could have been, mostly because I have not been following the diet the way I should be. And I haven't really being exercising. And all I want to do when I put the kids to bed is eat. So, while I have lost 36 pounds over the last 9 months, I have about 40 to go. Scott, my DH, has been trying to lose some weight too due to a minor health issue. Over the last 8 weeks, my husband has been watching his eating and exercising for 30 minutes a day 5 days a week. And he has lost 20 g*&^%#n pounds. I am mad now. I am mad at myself and I am so motivated. This is my season. Summer is the easiest time for me to lose weight and I will drop a pound a week over the next 3 months.
  • I recently finished reading David McCullough's biography of Harry S. Truman. Boy, what a great president Truman was. This was a great book. I have to say that I have read 3 of McCullough's books (Truman, 1776, John Adams) and while it is obvious that there is a lot of scholarship that led to the book, it often reads like a novel. What a treasure David McCullough is! I am looking forward to reading more of his books.
  • ugh. that's all I got.


Barb, sfo said...

Awesome that you have dropped 36! But I can certainly sympathize when someone ELSE seemingly without effort, can lose faster...hope your summer goes well!

(Oh and by the way, I still see my dad listed over in your sidebar. He's doing great, thanks to the many prayers, I'm sure, so you can remove his name next time you are fiddling with your intention list. I'm very grateful that you listed him and kept him in prayer all this time!)

Kate P said...

Congrats & encouragement from over here! I am a very slow loser, so I kinda swore at your husband, too. (Sorry!) I already thought you were cute when I met you, so you must be even cuter now!

I've been hearing McCullough is a great read from a lot of people--thanks for sharing that. I'm intrigued.

Amy Giglio said...

Thanks BArb. Glad your dad is doing well. I'll do some maitnenance soon to take him off the list.

Kate, thanks! Hey, we have to get together soon when I'm down there. I'll email you when I have a plan. :)