Thursday, May 14, 2009


Bub is on a kindergarten class trip to a local zoo today. He is very excited because it is his first trip to a zoo. And it is raining. This makes it even more exciting for Bubba because he gets "to play in the REAL rain" in his raincoat and rain boots.

Last Friday, a REAL (!) farmer came in and told them about the chicks that would hatch in their classroom. Apparently, all Bub remembered about the farmer's presentation was that the chicks would be slimy when they hatched.

Well, on Monday, three of the chicks hatched during school. His poor teacher. I wonder how she managed to get any work done. Tuesday they were all hatched and no longer slimy. Yesterday, Bub got to hold a chick (His teacher sent home 3 pictures of him holding his new friend). After school, we (the 3 kids and I) went in to see the new chicks and we had the chance to see the 12 caterpillars which are going to become butterflies.

Is there a point to this post? I'm not sure. I think I'll just report and let you decide. ;)
Welcome spring!!!!


Kate P said...

Baby chicks in the classroom! That must be so exciting for them.

Amy Giglio said...

They were all very excited. I have to confess that i was too. Poor ol' Bub had to give me an update every day.