Saturday, February 18, 2006

Please double up your prayers

for my friend's daughter. Renee (not the 5 year old's real name) underwent surgery yesterday at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to remove the tumor from her kidney (see "prayer request for a friend" below). The tumor was malignant (cancer's back) and had tripled in size over the last 3 weeks. The tumor ruptured when the doctors were removing it yesterday and now they are going to start radiation and chemotherapy since the cancer cells may be traveling throughout her little body. Renee was doing well this morning. She's in her own room after the 9+ hour surgery and she's asking for her big sister (age 7), who is on her way to Philly now. Renee was supposed to be back in Primo's class Tuesday, but now no one is sure when she'll be back to school. The parents will talk to the oncologist Monday. Remember Renee and her family when you attend Mass or other church services this weekend. I'll post updates as I get them.

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