Saturday, September 03, 2005

But the Novus is the only Ordo I know

I have read on a lot of blogs, and I'll admit, I mostly read the "conservative" ones, how inferior the Mass which came out after Vatican II is to the Tridentine Mass. I am intrigued by the Tridentine Mass and I will go to one soon since I promosed Der Tomissar I would offer it for his intentions as a belated birthday gift. (As an aside, should I buy a chapel veil before I go to the indult Mass?)

I read in another blog's comment box that it is practically impossible to offer a respectful Novus Ordo Mass. To which I say, the pope does it all the time.

And I will readily admit I have been to a few NO Masses where it was questionable whether or not the Mass was valid. But I have the fortune of living in a very orthodox parish where we hear the truth from the pulpit wether we like it or not. Where Tha Mass proper is not mucked around with (Usually).

And I will say it: I like Marty Hugen's, the St. Louis Jesuits' and David Haas' music generally, though I prefer "Lift HIgh the Cross" and "Faith of Our Fathers" to "Lord of the Dance" and many other songs we sing at Mass regularly but we do sing the Sanctus and Agnus Dei in Latin and the Kyrie in Greek during Lent. And i do like "Lord, by your Cross and Resurrection..." Memorial Acclamation better than "Christ has Died..."

I guess what I'm getting at is: What is the big deal? Let's not get rude and call me stupid. I would like to be educated. Discuss.

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